Mosinska Kolej Drezynowa
to the Osowa Gora station

Mosińska Kolej Drezynowa

Mosińska Kolej Drezynowa offers you an interesting active way of spending free time without any age restrictions. Our offer is intended for everyone who appreciates outdoor activities, who are looking for an unusual adventure without involving large resources and the need for long-distance trips. All this in the immediate vicinity of Poznan, in the region of unpolluted air, guaranteed by the Wielkopolska National Park.

Driving our draisines is a great form of active recreation, the opportunity to commune with nature away from the hustle and bustle of urban life and pollution. The trail goes from Puszczykowo to Osowa Góra through richly varied terrain and forest backwoods.

Our draisines are devices known from the beginning of iron roads with simple construction, activated by the strength of their own muscles, with an interesting technical bicycle or manual drive.
We use the best patterns and experiences.
For safety reasons, every journey takes place under the care of an MKD employee.

The offer can be enriched with additional attractions.

The place
to be remembered

Kolei Drezynowej
1,5 km od stacji kolejowej
- tu nie zabieramy pasażerów -


do puszczykowo


do puszczykowo phone

Mosina Pożegowo
ul. Kołłątaja/Budzyńska


do gora


do osowej phone

Osowa Góra
Wielkopolski Park Narodowy

Mosińska Kolej Drezynowa
Maria Stachowiak – Krzyżaniak

ul. Św. Marcin 49/6
61-806 Poznań

NIP: 778-114-61-55
Nr konta: 61 1160 2202 0000 0002 0519 9811
tel. 512 227 912

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